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Friday, October 28, 2005

The US Government - Corrupt and Loving it.

Turn back the clock one administration. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the scandal the uproar the end of the free world in other words if you followed the press in the United States. The Republicans would not, in their obstructionist ways, let the issue die. The House of Representatives voted to impeach for Clinton for his apocalyptic transgression.

Take the current yahoo in the White House. George W. Bush. After stealing the election in 2000, he went and gutted the tax system for “his base”, putting in further jeopardy the enfeebled social programs of the US. He lied about 9/11, the WMD, he lied about Iraq. The current scandal should be easy as pie to sweep under the rug. Bush took his county to war on information he knew was false. He is currently responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens…(bringing democracy) with more coming. Bush is fostering more hatred against the US for his unilateral, illegal war at the expense of the American people. He has taken the world a step closer to anarchy and lawlessness. But he hasn’t diddled a office intern, so impeachment is off the radar. A big hearty thanks to the American lapdog press for striving for journalistic integrity and keeping this government honest.

The irony of this tale of two presidents is overwhelming.


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