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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Canadians: Wating to Exhale...

With the election of Steven Harper and his conservative ilk Canadians are now anxiously awaiting the new government. The triumphalism of the western media has died down a little, but cries of “the West is in!” are still reverberating with nauseating frequency. I hate to break the news to the West, but really, the West is not in. Nor will it be in until we too have 181 seats (Quebec and Ontario) to fill in the House. The numbers simply do not work.

Being a touch left of center I really hope the yahoos that got Harper elected force him to seriously attempt to move the locus of power westward. I would be happy to gleefully cackle and laugh as the westward shift slams headfirst into a very annoyed and vengeful lot known as the Ontario electorate. It is a different story out east, unlike here(Alberta) in which one could shave a baboons ass and paint it Conservative blue and it would win a seat. So go forth value voters and get the west in… please.

I will credit Harper for one thing. He is not a retard. I project that his policies will remain safely in the middle of the road to please the real locus of power in Canada the Toronto, Montreal, Quebec axis. The problem is that the policies he did put forth for the most part are just wrong.

100 bucks a month for Childcare? That is enough to maybe…maybe… purchase a strong enough cage to lock your child in(while snacking on beer and popcorn of course). Universal daycare that would be affordable to all? Not a whit of sense there.

Toughen up sentencing? It doesn’t work. Look southwards…it doesn’t work. It is the knee-jerk ideas that get the most play, yet are the least likely to work. It is a complex problem it will require a complex, multifaceted solution. Something that works… the gun registry but has the rednecks up in arms is going to be axed. Go figure.

One that Harper is dancing around is the same sex marriage vote. A “free” vote put to the house. That will be a hot potato for Mr. Harper as removing rights from a minority in the Canadian context is usually a big no-no. The furor it would cause might bring the conservative minority government down. I’m guessing it would put an end to the crowing coming from the socially conservative groups as of late. The prattle and utter frippery coming forth on their "re-making Canada" in their conservative image is becoming hard to stomach.

But that is another blog entry unto itself. Also, part 2 of my web investigation into the scary, seedy underside of religion is coming soon.


Anonymous Boris said...

I'm not too fussed about Harper. Some those less than bright "value voters" think they have something here, but aside from the minority win, in reality close to 70% of Canada did not vote for the CPC.

9:33 a.m.

Blogger Sardeth said...

I tend to agree. It isnt a 4 alarm conservative nightmare fire. Harper should be fairly well constrained by the limitations of minority government.

What we need to watch out for is the legislation that gets slipped into the mix under the radar. For instance I do not see the abortion debate reopened, but perhaps measures that would make it more difficult for women to access safe facilities.

It is the small details we need to focus our attention on.

11:54 a.m.


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