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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The War in Afghanistan

The War in Afghanistan

Canadians should not be fighting the war on terrorism of any other abstract noun. There is no winning this war, nor will there be any clear resolution and certainly no grandiloquent “mission accomplished” waiting for us. What will is happening is a drawn out seemingly unending guerilla conflict that will continue to cost Canadian lives for no appreciable benefit.

The people in Afghanistan we are fighting know they will win. It took them ten years to beat the USSR, but they persevered. The Soviets were unhindered by lofty ideals such as peacekeeping or nation building. They brought total war to Afghanistan. It was an naked invasion and in retrospect a massive military misadventure. The Soviet-Afghan war was a meat grinder especially for the civilian population(war always is). The Taliban and other rebel forces won because it is easier to destroy than rebuild. Every power station destroyed, every school bombed, every hospital gutted was a victory for them. The people do not blame them as much as they blame the occupiers for not providing the basic security for in which society can function. The Soviets near the end of the conflict had 100,000 troops in country and could not win this war. What are 2300 Canadian troops going to do?

It is imperative that we get out Afghanistan. It is another Vietnam, another Iraq another lost cause that is being fatally mishandled. The US has done much to create this quagmire in Afghanistan, we as Canadians should not be obligated to clean up their mess. Canada’s role should be one of peacekeeping and mediation, not the bloody counter insurgency raids that will only be our undoing. The future of Afghanistan is not in our hands, this misguided military action needs to have the plug pulled now.


Blogger spotted elephant said...

No, you should not be cleaning up the US mess.

I am living under King George, and I want a different govt so we can stop inflicting violence on the rest of the world. But to be a citizen of a country supporting our-there really aren't words adequate for what the US is doing. I'm ranting and not communicating well.

Agree with you 100%.

1:36 p.m.

Blogger Sardeth said...

Thanks for the comments Spotted..:) Canada really needs to reevaluate its role in Afghanistan. I always worry when we start hearing phrases like "staying the course" or "shirking our responsibilities". Our responsibilities are to protect and foster human rights in multilateral mandated operation. The CF were are getting into in no way resembles peacekeeping and the body count will prove it.

8:49 p.m.


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