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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

At half mast and half-cocked...

Our soldiers are dying for a failed imperial venture. We are a sad third rate Sparta that has been consigned the unenviable, not to mention hopeless, task of killing the enemies of ‘peace’ and ‘democracy’ in Afghanistan. As I have said in an earlier entry, some 100,000+ Russian soldiers could not ‘fix’ the Afghanistan problem, what the hell are we expecting with our piecemeal expedition. I wonder if the political currency we are gaining with the Bush Administration is worth the lives of our soldiers?

Playing nice with the proto-fascist regime to the south seems to be the order of the day for our Conservative government. Playing nice also seems to entail enacting the same mystifyingly brain-dead policies that George Bush has foisted on Americans. Censuring the media when our dead return from Afghanistan? Does Harper really think he can recreate the kind of Orwellian black hole they have going in the US? The people of Canada need to see the results of our stupid escapades in a foreign land. Contrast the actions of the Conservative government with all their pathetic rhetoric of openness and accountability and cleaning up the system. It is all such bullshittius-maximus.

Not lowering the flags when our soldiers are killed is really just another step in an amateurish attempt to control what information Canadians are exposed to. The poverty of intelligence that plagues our government is a constant wonderment to me. It is like - what new level of obliquity can we sink to this week? Adopting a ‘made in Canada’ solution instead of Kyoto? - Only from Rona Ambrose our Minister of Environment…from ALBERTA…do we hear such guileless lip smacking.

The NDP, Liberals and BQ need to get their collective houses in order and set this ungainly government on the right course…and soon.


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