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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Alberta Politics Prediction

Remember how Ralphie came to power?

I was just a kid then, but as I recall, the deal was, Getty had way overspent us into debt and wrecked all sorts of things and omg omg it was like, so awful, and we kept on and on hearing how awful it was.

And then (cue the trumpets, ta-da) Klein showed up to save us all and the PC Party was reborn from its ashes and we massively voted for change by re-electing the same party all over again.

Now Klein is just embarrassing himself over and over and even conservative papers like the Sun are going on about how terrible he is.

But lo, what hope from yonder window breaks? Why, 'tis the dissident Oberg, valiantly calling out the fallen saviour.

Who wants to bet, the PCs are reborn yet again under Oberg's dissident mantle, and Albertans vote for the same party that's been in charge for the last 35 years, because it's time for a change.


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