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Monday, October 31, 2005

A smallish incident of minor hypocrisy

In 1991, Delwin Vriend, a lab instructor at The King's University College , got fired for being gay. The court case that followed is old news.

A popular pub with King's College students today is the Newcastle, which is a very fine establishment if you like your beer cold and your wings hot, or are a slave to the juicy, juicy burger. Students living in rez at King's make their way to the Newcastle by walking along 90 Ave, and it seems they do it often enough and in great enough numbers that Thursdays are Student Night. If you see a group of college-age kids walking along 90 Ave after dark, chances are good that if they're headed east, they're headed to rez from the Newcastle, and if they're headed west, they're headed for the Newcastle from rez. Smart kids - I doubt the burgers they can get in rez are anything close. *drool*

So the other night the Oilers got their asses handed to them by the Coyotes. It was ugly and I wanted to cry. Shortly after the game was over, Sardeth and I were driving along 90 Ave when we saw two young men, one in a Blackhawks jersey and one in an Avalanche jersey, headed east. They were carrying an armload of skull patio lights that used to decorate the best Hallowe'en yard along that stretch of road. They were bigger than us, and something about their body language made me automatically lock the car door. Sardeth was kicking himself for not having confronted them, but my gut says it could have been ugly and I'm glad he didn't.

The compromise was that he stopped by campus security at King's and let them know what was up. The response: a sigh, a shrug, and "Yea, they were probably ours. We'll keep our eyes open."

So, if you're a Christian college:
Being gay: evil, wrong, can get you fired unless the Supreme Court intervenes
Being a vandal and a thief: a sigh and a shrug

nuff said


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