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Monday, May 29, 2006

Belated May Two-Four Garden Blogging

On the May long weekend, Sardeth's mom and I went greenhouse shopping, starting at Hole's north of St. Albert, ending up at some little family operation south of Beaumont, and stopping at (and buying from) just about every greenhouse in between. I got off easy because all I have is a small balcony, and I decided that this year I want there to be room for me on it, as well as the plants. I stuck to a bunch of herbs, some window boxes, a hot pepper (never tried growing them before), and of course tomatoes for Dr Charles' Tomato Contest.

Here are the highlights:

The herb garden

Petunias - this is my first time trying wave petunias. I got a blue vein double wave and tidal wave purple, which turned out more pink than purple, but still pretty.

And of course the tomatoes:

I got a big one that already has tomatoes and blossoms on it - I don't know if that's cheating, but I want to eat my own fresh tomatoes and the sooner the better!


I also got a much younger patio tomato - this kind I've tried before, and they're easy to take care of and have really good flavor. To keep the tomato company, I also picked up a "zesty hot" pepper.

And here's the finished balcony garden:

Happy Summer and Happy Gardening to all!


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