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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Literary devices in real life: Irony

Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, has said some pretty offensive things about Islam.

He was in Winnipeg this weekend having a big "evangelistic festival", and while thousands of Christians are expected to attend, some are coming not to worship, but to protest. They want him to retract the hateful things he's said about Islam and apologise.

The name of the group: Operation Bless our Enemies.


Blogger byrdeye said...

Well, Islam can be a pretty offensive well as Christianity. So, why not call a duck a duck, here?

12:54 p.m.

Blogger Ms. & Miss said...

Ahem -- "byrdeye," Islam in and of itself is not offensive. Fundamentalism of ANY religion is where offenses get made and taken. Islamic fundamentalists are just as bad as Christian fundamentalists in my book.
If people would just take a little care and effort to understand the nature of any religion, they would see that the base nature of all of them is pretty simple... and peaceful. The basis is LOVE. Once these religions get taken to a fundamentalist level, however, the message gets changed in the name of "winning" a battle over other religions. Please educate yourself, so we can start to rebuild the world's understanding of these issues and work towards a more peaceful planet.


11:54 a.m.


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