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Friday, November 18, 2005

TV makes me sad

And this is surprising why?

First up: What Not to Wear

I know that at one time I liked this show. I seem to have retreated into some kind of dour, hairy-legged humourless feminism coupled with that stereotypical leftie hatred of the rich or something, because all I could do this time was yell at the screen and threaten to beat those bitches Stacy and Clinton up and yell at the poor victim to resist patriarchal authority by not wearing heels if she doesn't want to. I mean, pretending a bra strap is a necklace isn't cool, but neither is trying to teach for an eight-hour day in fuck-me pumps. And of course by the end of the show the poor dupe is thanking everybody and talking about how beauty is something she has to think about every day and pay attention to. Compare and contrast that to her at the beginning saying something like, "At school I have a dozen kids who are several grades behind who are counting on me, and what I look like isn't nearly as important as looking after those kids." Consider the patriarchy blamed. Suggested music selection, Nine Inch Nails, Happiness in Slavery.

Then a Fifth Estate Documentary about American war crimes in Iraq. Sardeth is writing about that.

And, during the commercials, back to TLC and the Ballroom Boot Camp, where some asshole trash talked a fat chick until she quit. Having been a passionate ballroom dancer for years, I know perfectly well that fat chicks, no matter how good they are at dancing, never win competitions*. The guy who was supposed to be the trainer knew it too, and decided he'd rather demoralize her out of the running than be associated with a fat chick. Asshole.

* - not that I was ever good enough that it mattered to me speficically!


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