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Thursday, November 17, 2005

"You're the crazy fuckers who broke the barricade" - Trent Reznor

Last night: Nine Inch Nails with Queens of the Stone Age and Death from Above 1979 at Rexall Place. Fuck yeah!

I was a bit disappointed that DFA was on first, because hearing they were going to be there is what pushed me over the edge from "tickets are too expensive" to "damn the torpedoes". So of course they had to deal with the half-empty stadium and the crowd that wasn't warmed up yet. Plus we got there a bit late, so we missed some of their set, which made me sad.

I hadn't heard of Queens of the Stone Age before, but they put on a good show and I might have to pick up their CD.

And of course NIN... They played some of their new stuff, which I wasn't expecting to like, since I hadn't liked The Fragile, but it was good stuff. Not the sound I remember from the olden days, more guitar and stuff, but probably going to have to buy With Teeth too... I'm going to be poor. And they played things from The Fragile, and maybe I was on crack for not liking it, because it rocked. And they played lots of old stuff too. Closer, of course, and I nearly shook my bootie off. And Head like a Hole. And the fuckers did their sad songs too and I lost half of my makeup during "Something I Can Never Have" and the rest of it during "Hurt." OK I didn't actually lose it, it just went from my eyes into stripes on my cheeks.

The one disappointment for me when it comes to what songs they did, is they didn't do "Heresy." Reason #1 for going was because I wanted to scream "God is dead and no one cares" with a whole stadium of people. I complained about it to our friend who we brought along, and she said, well, maybe they didn't want to offend anybody. I'm still a little blown away by that one. I mean, self-mutilation and "I want to fuck you like an animal" are OK, but a little "God is dead" is not? WTF? And I mean honestly, since when did Mr. Reznor worry about offending people? But they didn't play it. waah.

Oh, and about that barricade. I guess the people down in the pit got a little out of hand, because they did in fact manage to break the steel barricade keeping them back from the stage, and the show had to stop until they could get it fixed. Which is what prompted TR to tell us not to boo, because we were the crazy fuckers that broke the barricade in the first place. People got a little silly during the break, starting cheers like "Lets go Oilers" for the hell of it, and I'm just glad they could get it fixed and go on with the show, because it could have gotten pretty ugly if they'd had to stop.

Bottom line though: awesome show. Well worth the price of admission, even without Heresy.


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